Events & Conferences
The hallmark of SCMA conferences and meetings is that programs must be first and foremost substantive.

We recognize that our members must make tough choices about where to spend limited dollars. As a result, we work hard to ensure that the programs and speakers at our conferences bring attendees information they can take back to their facilities that will lead to improved, more efficient operations. To achieve this goal, conference agendas are coordinated by a board of directors comprised of representatives from member companies. Our objective is to provide attendees with enough value in the programs themselves to more than justify the costs of not only attending the meetings but also in becoming a member of SCMA.

Some examples of recent programs at our conference topics include:
  1. Lean Manufacturing
  2. Generational Differences
  3. Labor and Shortage
  4. Worker's Compensation
  5. Value Stream Mapping
  6. Health Care Costs
  7. Competing in a Global Economy
  8. Homeland Security
  9. Managing Employees
  10. Work Keys
We routinely co-sponsor with government agencies seminars that deal with recent developments in the law or cost-savings opportunities for our members. Educational seminars are held throughout the year on issues such as OSHA inspection training, union avoidance, and energy conservation. All of our seminars are economical and easily accessible from anywhere in the state.

For a list of upcoming conferences and events, please refer to the Events page.  

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