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Manufacturers must take decisive steps to enhance their company's performance. You need value-added solutions to improve profits, stay competitive and pave the way for a favorable future.

The South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance recognizes the numerous challenges you face every day in your industry-your target markets, business goals and competition in the global market place. The Alliance offers productivity-enhancing information to further your economic position among manufacturers. As a professional organization, we provide the following membership benefits:

Legislative Influence
The SCMA has a full time government relations team who are the leading advocate for the manufacturing community at the Statehouse on statewide issues, including healthcare, education, energy and utilities, tax, labor and employment, economic development, insurance, and the environment.

The SCMA also supports pro-business political candidates. Member companies are encouraged to contribute to our Good Government Fund, a political action program that helps keep pro-business candidates in office.

Regulatory Influence and Assistance
SCMA conducts a well-organized, statewide effort to influence policy, legislation and regulations that are in the best interest of manufacturers. The Alliance works closely with state agencies, such as the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and the SC Department of Revenue to help craft proposed laws and regulations that favorably impact manufacturers. Member company employees have varied areas of expertise and are available to answer questions and provide support for other members.

Statewide Influence
SCMA members are influential among organizations other than the manufacturing industry. Many Alliance members serve on statewide boards and commissions, thereby influencing diverse groups of leaders. Likewise, the Alliance enjoys positive relationships with varied industries. Rapport with financial institutions and utilities, transportation and insurance companies serves to further benefit member companies in accomplishing their business goals.

Member Participation
Management-level members are involved in the activities of the Alliance. As a member-driven organization, members determine the role and direction of the Alliance. This member-driven concept helps ensure that the organization's work is beneficial to its members.

Networking Opportunities
A well-planned agenda of conferences and meetings allows managers to develop professional relationships, exchange ideas, learn new strategies and techniques and share resources and information. Conferences afford learning and educational opportunities about contemporary manufacturing issues. All senior management executives (including executives in human resources, plant managers, transportation and logistics, plant safety, government affairs, tax, energy, and environmental fields) are invited to conferences and meetings in their areas of expertise. Through these regular meetings, the Alliance offers members a mechanism for shaping policies and direction in the manufacturing industry.

Committee, Division, and Council Involvement
The business of exchanging ideas to shape the future of South Carolina's manufacturers occurs during committee, division, and council meetings. These groups meet regularly with frequent communication taking place between meetings. In these meetings, manufacturing leaders master develop strategies and planning techniques to benefit their company.

Manufacturers' Voice
The Alliance is recognized and respected by business leaders and state government officials statewide as the voice for South Carolina manufacturers.

Available Meeting Facility
SCMA owns the headquarters building and offers meeting space free of charge to members.

Staff Assistance
Friendly, professional staff makes sure that you receive comprehensive, up-to-date materials and information. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. SCMA can be reached by telephone at 803-799-9695, by fax at 803-771-8738, and by e-mail at

The Alliance provides an array of resources for manufacturers:

  • Membership Directory - This easy to use on-line database contains contact information for member companies. It includes information on executive committee members and board of directors, committees, and Alliance by-laws. Other important and interesting information about the organization is also listed in this section.
  • Legislative Monitor - Distributed weekly during the South Carolina legislative session, this e-newsletter gives members updates on legislative issues impacting manufacturing. It also advises whether or not legislation is pro-manufacturing and should be supported or opposed by Alliance members.

Membership Eligibility
Manufacturing firms that operate machines for the manufacture or processing of products in at least one plant in South Carolina are eligible for membership in SCMA. Manufacturing companies headquartered in South Carolina are also eligible to join.To receive additional information on becoming a member of the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance, please e-mail your request to


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