Issues & Advocacy
The SCMA works closely with all government agencies affecting manufacturing, particularly the Department of Health and Environmental Control, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, and the Department of Commerce. Some of those activities include:
  1. Drafting, commenting on, and developing regulations;
  2. Arranging and attending meetings with members and economic
  3. Development officials to discuss incentives for expansions or new facilities; interfacing with the State OSHA program when companies are having unique or difficult experiences with the agency's enforcement division
  4. Serving as a temporary press, law enforcement, and regulatory
  5. Agency liaison during a crisis at a member facility
  6. Drafting comments for members for testimony before regulatory agencies or the General Assembly; serving as a clearinghouse for information from regulatory agencies to members
  7. Consultation with members on legal matters including contracts, legislative and regulatory compliance, and human resources
  8. Arranging for meetings with appropriate state officials for 8 members who desire to do business with the state
Each of these items represents specific activities we have conducted on behalf of members. These situations are routine work for the SCMA and often result in significant cost savings to our members. 

Perhaps in no other area do members see their dues money pay substantial dividends as quickly as in this area. Although we cannot replace a company's legal team, we believe members should think to involve us wherever possible to cut through the red tape and get through the respective agency's processes as quickly and as cleanly as possible. In fact, we frequently work with the member's legal counsel to assist them in their efforts.  

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